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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Rise. . .

it should be blogged since ages
but i've been busy with thousand of stuffs
that been line up to be accomplished
and of coz, this is my finest partner in crime...

best kan*
heart them!!!

ok, back to the story,
today i wanna talk about language..
in my cross culture class,
my lecturer said that
Arabic language will be an important language in years time
and i think her opinion turn to be right..
Marina Mahathir also said the same thing
it seems that the impact of business world that revolve
turn up to be Arabic as a important language

so, i think afterwards,
arabian lands will be flourished once again..
i hope to see them
rise and shine
not as a perspective of different tribes
but as a MUSLIM..
besides, they have alot of opportunities to GROW!!

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