The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours - it is an amazing journey - and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins.
Bob Moawad~

Saturday, 17 December 2011

my dear friend,
Look in the Mirror,
What do You see?
Do you see a broken heart lying on the ground in front of you,
that you ripped out of you,
and smashed,
to see if you could try and get rid of the love for me?
Do you see a heart lying on the ground beating in front of you, t
hat you ripped out,
but couldn't smash,
because you don't want to let go.
Or Do you see you.
Standing there,
hoping I'll walk up behind you, and show you I care."
-because you are my best friend-

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Flight on the Red Balloon *final

Ok, final chapter
Finished touring Bandung
Then, heading back to Jakarta
Stay in Terminal 3 for about 15 minutes
Imagine that. Thats why I said that I wont be missing Terminal 3!!
I dont think many people dare to do that..
Great one was We made the airport just like our home!!

Busy shopping
Millionaire ni!

Beautiful Scenery on our way to the airport

A day before
Visit Tangkuban Parahu
Sadly, we stayed for too long

Wish to have part time model
Ask me how!!

With Lecturers and classmates =)
My lecturers are GREAT!

With excited looking faces in cold!

Midnite in Terminal 3
Before we've been ask to get out!!

He performed!
yes, internationally!

Gone crazy
after 15hours stayed!

Looking at the airplane!!
Can't forget fighting with Faiz n Fakrul bout Airplane
Airbus o Boeing blablabla
need to study more hard!!

Ok, while we were there,
we used Sr 7 Event
Any inquires, email or give them a ring =)
Tel : +603-4106 9699
Fax : +603-4106 8699
They gave us a good treat even we confirmed it late
Well, talking bout choosing travel agent, it is hard to decide.
When some people argue,
so many silly questions arise,
but maybe at the end,
u need to believe and give support.
If that doesn't satisfy you, you may leave..
As simple as that!!

Flight on the Red Balloon p2

Bye Jakarta for now..
Heading to Bandung
A must go place!!
Well, on Friday morning,
The traffic was ok
Macetnya amat kurang!!
Arrived Bandung at about 1130am
Then, straight to Restoran Sunda for lunch
All stomachs were marching up!

We were in Bandung for 3days
Bandung was different from Jakarta I would say
It more cozy, windy and I like the environment
I really admire their factory Outlet Store
I went to Dago Street and Rumah Mode..Marvelous!
I also went to Pasar Baru..
I like that place but I dont like the place too..uhuu
I like it because it sells things that I like
I dont like it because crowded and i have no time to shop!!

There are many great places for you to visit
I have no opportunities to visit it all
Time constrain!!
Like Bali Heaven, Riau street etc..

*Yesterday, my Prof asked me
"If Malaysia is about to be the shopping heaven like Bandung,
what and how we can implement it?
-Soon after she rose the question, I asked myself back. Why I like to shop there-
Ok, as for me, the attractiveness of every factory outlets make me fall in love to enter it. Every FOS have their own ways on how to welcome and make people to come. Some with modern styles, traditional styles and exotic styles which make every eyes hypnotize.. Because of this, Price can be secondary! Brand leads!
*Bandung? I think of going back again.LOL*

A smile finally can be seen
The foods were awesome and
the restaurant= very beautiful!!!

Telkom Indonesia
With great future leaders. Insyaallah
A must visit place =D

In front Gedoeng Sate
*if I not mistaken
The place related most with Bandung history!!

Crossing the road
So funny watching from the other side

My Little Masterpiece

To be here,
we all need to be together
To be here,
laughter and sadness accompany with
To be here,
is something that finally we believe

Being here,
we forget all the sorrows,
Being here,
we create so much of new stories
Being here,
finally we create
A beautiful origamy of friendship

good things pay in the end
Where only the toughest one might survive
To endure on the path that might not look clear
To find the sweetest journey that everyone can never imagine

-future leader-

Flight on the Red Balloon p1

hello people!
How are you??
well, i just came back from class trip
Part of my Issue assignment
well, Indonesia is my neighboring country
There were 33 students and 2 lecturers
We stayed in Jakarta and also Bandung

Actually, this trip really unexpected
We had 100% confirmed a week before we depart
Thanks to all my friends for a great support, work and help..

In LCCT from 4am
waiting for depart
happy+tired faces

Colgate Sensitive ads

View from top
Enjoying the scenery
from the red ballon
Masha allah..

Savfely arrived
Terminal 3 in Soekarno Hatta
* A place I wont be missing (Why? I tell you later)

Ok, when my first arrived
I was so like
Oh, Traffic Congestion!
Macet sahaja!!
SO many cars on the road, Cars are so closed, Not 1 or 2 traffic lines
but can reach up to 5 on the roads
Somehow, i do respect all the car drives and motor rides
They just awesome
Its hard to explain
experienced it in order to know it
I was like entering a ghost house while I was on the road
Seems like no courage to look at it..

We stayed in Senin Indah Hotel
It was a great journey
We traveled at almost part in Jakarta
Do things we never did.haha!
Taking Taxi, Angkut
(went to Hardrock with Angkut! Dare!!)
Indonesia also very common with Shopping heaven!!
I dare to say YES without doubt
and I like it the most
Cempaka ITC, Tanah Abang(if only I know Riyan parents sell cloth in here)
But the currency
The amount is so soo BBIIIGGGGGGG
thousands even million.emm
Tired on making fast calculation!!LOL

*to be continued*