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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Flight on the Red Balloon p1

hello people!
How are you??
well, i just came back from class trip
Part of my Issue assignment
well, Indonesia is my neighboring country
There were 33 students and 2 lecturers
We stayed in Jakarta and also Bandung

Actually, this trip really unexpected
We had 100% confirmed a week before we depart
Thanks to all my friends for a great support, work and help..

In LCCT from 4am
waiting for depart
happy+tired faces

Colgate Sensitive ads

View from top
Enjoying the scenery
from the red ballon
Masha allah..

Savfely arrived
Terminal 3 in Soekarno Hatta
* A place I wont be missing (Why? I tell you later)

Ok, when my first arrived
I was so like
Oh, Traffic Congestion!
Macet sahaja!!
SO many cars on the road, Cars are so closed, Not 1 or 2 traffic lines
but can reach up to 5 on the roads
Somehow, i do respect all the car drives and motor rides
They just awesome
Its hard to explain
experienced it in order to know it
I was like entering a ghost house while I was on the road
Seems like no courage to look at it..

We stayed in Senin Indah Hotel
It was a great journey
We traveled at almost part in Jakarta
Do things we never did.haha!
Taking Taxi, Angkut
(went to Hardrock with Angkut! Dare!!)
Indonesia also very common with Shopping heaven!!
I dare to say YES without doubt
and I like it the most
Cempaka ITC, Tanah Abang(if only I know Riyan parents sell cloth in here)
But the currency
The amount is so soo BBIIIGGGGGGG
thousands even million.emm
Tired on making fast calculation!!LOL

*to be continued*

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