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Saturday, 9 June 2012

KRABI Breakaways


I thought to do the writing a week before
Either it was a bad management or wrong time, accept my apologies….
And a month ago (Ohoo, this is an history post),
I had a great escape in a great place with a great people!!

We went to Krabi, Thailand..
Perhaps Krabi is not as popular as Phuket,
But the hidden beauty is all in my concerned!

A week off during Plant Shutdown,
The journey began..
Just like before, Mimi and I started the journey from stretch…
We took train to KL Sentral and it was a wrong train..
Eventhough it was a wrong train, we managed to arrive half an hour earlier..
After having breakfast, we took another train. KLIA express.. Time saved!
Four of us met up in LCCT and waiting for depart
I could see all the eyes sparkled..

We arrived at Krabi International Airport at 2pm (local time) and the shutter already there.
I give an A+ for the Shutter Company as there were punctual and convenience.
We stayed in La Playa Resort in Aonang. It was a good and beautiful hotel.
Suitable for honeymooners… J
If you are planning to go to Krabi, I suggest that you choose hotel in Aonang rather than in Krabi Town.

My 4d3n holiday full with adventures. We went for island hopping, Elephant Riding, River Rafting, ATV, and many more. Island hopping was one of the unforgettable moments. We went to 9 islands. It was really amazing.. And at night, we went to explore city of Aonang. We walked miles, and also experiencing Tuk Tuk Ride, Red Cab. We did foot massage, Manicure and Pedicure. It was all cheapsssssss!!!!  The range is about 100baht. I called it Beauty Serenity.. J

* Here, some guidelines I wanna share

1. Ask yourself why you want to go to Krabi?
Krabi is not a place to shoppers as there is no any Shopping Complex, just small shops and huts and night market only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Krabi Town. Krabi is suitable for nature lovers, adventurer and anyone who want to relax from city madness. Heehhe. Besides, souvenirs and foods are expensive. There, we tried foods at the small stall on the side of the road, while standing as the chairs not enough..  If you love to shop, I suggest you to go to Chiang Mai. Shoppers there told me that Chiang Mai is shopping heaven..

2. Haggling is a must?
A MUST to haggle is depends. But, haggling is really exciting. Sincerely, I’m not good is haggle. For activities, you can get cheaper price if you know the secret. Everything has limits. Never ever cross it.