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Saturday, 25 July 2009

how to meet a perfect neighbor

this drama is awesome..
still keep on watchin' da movie...
i bought da disc in 2007...part 3 if i'm not mistaken..
broadcast nyer bulan july..
ak beli bulan....

Info Title: The Perfect Neighbor Episodes: 20 Broadcast Date: July 25, 2007 Broadcast Network: SBS Genre: Romance, Drama

Synopsis ‘How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor’ is set in a corporate housing facility and draws the story of the people. The main characters are a former host, a successor of a major conglomerate, a lawyer, and a secretary that always causes trouble. It questions what a perfect neighbor is while reflecting upon those who vow to live together forever as a married couples.

Kim Seung Woo will be playing the host Baek Soo Chan. He has nothing in his hands but lives a life under the belief that he will become the man any woman who sits next to him wants. However, his belief is questioned when he starts to realize true love. Bae Doo Na takes on the role of Jung Yoon Hee, a comic secretary for a conglomerate chairman. Credits: angel2nyt @ Soompi

Main Cast

Kim Seung Woo as Baek Soo-Chan
Bae Doo Na as Jung Yoon-Hee
Park Shi Hoo as Yoo Joon-Suk
Min Ji Hye as Go Hye-Mi


its being left for long tyme..
as i bet i was so busy lately
doing all the risen matter..
the blog was left alone...

i have out of mood to press all the buttons in the keyboard..
even i've thousand of stories to share..

my life ryte now,
far less like a boat without a wise n good sailor...


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

long live~~

Like another capture is on the go
Being someone who totally different from 2 weeks before
Made me realized,
That not everything been taught be thought
When we read those sources,
We may find out that everything is in smooth path
Forget or just being forgot,
To list those triumph and disaster that lying ahead

Working in a segment
Where many competitors need to be competed
Where all soft skills need to be used
Make me noticed
Education not just as such
Need to use all ability as much…

But, what more can I say..
I am living in a real world now