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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Flight on the Red Balloon *final

Ok, final chapter
Finished touring Bandung
Then, heading back to Jakarta
Stay in Terminal 3 for about 15 minutes
Imagine that. Thats why I said that I wont be missing Terminal 3!!
I dont think many people dare to do that..
Great one was We made the airport just like our home!!

Busy shopping
Millionaire ni!

Beautiful Scenery on our way to the airport

A day before
Visit Tangkuban Parahu
Sadly, we stayed for too long

Wish to have part time model
Ask me how!!

With Lecturers and classmates =)
My lecturers are GREAT!

With excited looking faces in cold!

Midnite in Terminal 3
Before we've been ask to get out!!

He performed!
yes, internationally!

Gone crazy
after 15hours stayed!

Looking at the airplane!!
Can't forget fighting with Faiz n Fakrul bout Airplane
Airbus o Boeing blablabla
need to study more hard!!

Ok, while we were there,
we used Sr 7 Event
Any inquires, email or give them a ring =)
Tel : +603-4106 9699
Fax : +603-4106 8699
They gave us a good treat even we confirmed it late
Well, talking bout choosing travel agent, it is hard to decide.
When some people argue,
so many silly questions arise,
but maybe at the end,
u need to believe and give support.
If that doesn't satisfy you, you may leave..
As simple as that!!

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