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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Flight on the Red Balloon p2

Bye Jakarta for now..
Heading to Bandung
A must go place!!
Well, on Friday morning,
The traffic was ok
Macetnya amat kurang!!
Arrived Bandung at about 1130am
Then, straight to Restoran Sunda for lunch
All stomachs were marching up!

We were in Bandung for 3days
Bandung was different from Jakarta I would say
It more cozy, windy and I like the environment
I really admire their factory Outlet Store
I went to Dago Street and Rumah Mode..Marvelous!
I also went to Pasar Baru..
I like that place but I dont like the place too..uhuu
I like it because it sells things that I like
I dont like it because crowded and i have no time to shop!!

There are many great places for you to visit
I have no opportunities to visit it all
Time constrain!!
Like Bali Heaven, Riau street etc..

*Yesterday, my Prof asked me
"If Malaysia is about to be the shopping heaven like Bandung,
what and how we can implement it?
-Soon after she rose the question, I asked myself back. Why I like to shop there-
Ok, as for me, the attractiveness of every factory outlets make me fall in love to enter it. Every FOS have their own ways on how to welcome and make people to come. Some with modern styles, traditional styles and exotic styles which make every eyes hypnotize.. Because of this, Price can be secondary! Brand leads!
*Bandung? I think of going back again.LOL*

A smile finally can be seen
The foods were awesome and
the restaurant= very beautiful!!!

Telkom Indonesia
With great future leaders. Insyaallah
A must visit place =D

In front Gedoeng Sate
*if I not mistaken
The place related most with Bandung history!!

Crossing the road
So funny watching from the other side

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