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Friday, 11 February 2011

Ain't No Regret

Still talking about KEDAH again!!!
i left pieces of me there..
I bring with me joys and fun
I've learnt the meaning of FRIENDS, RESPONSIBILITIES etc..
UiTM KEDAH had built me up..
with strength and confident...
i gained back my trust towards life
UiTM Kedah just SUPERB

the environment, the lecturers, the activities,
the college, the dining oh..
i have no reason to forget it
There ain't no regret to be there


Research Methodology class

College Festival 08'

My great class mates

Super Girls

WOnder Girls..

Air of Tanjung Dawai

My Girls

Perfect Meeting =)

I entered there on july 2006
if i'm not mistaken it was on 2nd july
i went there with the guide that have been given..
nobody i knew..only Farhana
but, we were placed in diff college
during the MMS, my roomate is Wideeya Juliana,
then, Najjia
then, Adila
then, Izzah
lastly Aya..
many ryte..
Badly missing m20409..even there were many problems
but, i enjoyed..
maybe because, all my neighbours were awesome..
adik, mira, syafa, etc..
i put hope and dreams to success there
Alhamdulillah, i think i've gained some of them..
I've created each moment nourished
and i will keep it forever




Tasneem Yusmadi said...

sedeyh aku bce..terkenang pengalaman sendri kt UiTM Kedah dulu..huhu

nurul fuad said...

UiTM Kedah is perfect right..
i learnt how to stumble and get up there..
i know how precious tears are,
i understand every anger and suspicion in life..

nurul fuad said...
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