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Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Addams Family

They're creepy and they're kooky,
mysterious and spooky,
They're all together ooky,
The Addams Family..lalalala

hi there,
when i was a kid, and the only program
that i preferred to watch = Cartoon Network
And, stories that i love are THE ADDAMS FAMILY
dexter laboratory, LULU etc..
until now, i still to watch CARTOON!!
the episodes of family that include morticia, gomez wednesday etc
for me, that Addamses are Bizzare
until now..hahah

the Addams Family =)

ok, enough with Addamses...
My story is now not about this Addamses..
Actually, i miss my childhood best friend
its been long time since last i met him
standard 1996..and now is 201..
about 15years..

Adam was my first good friend..
we became friend because when i was a kid,
during my parents at work,
my late great grandparents took care of me..
it happened to be that, his grandma lived backyard
so, did Adam..
His grandparents took care of his siblings

Every morning, my late g.grandma will do gardening
so do his grandma..
i forgot how we became friend
so, we will play all day long
i only went home to eat and nap
i have alot of memories with him
because the house near to the river, we always went there
instead of accompanied our grandma
we play there
collecting stone, catch fish etc..
so many activities we did,
we did gardening, kutip jering, rambutan
main buaian..
and we enjoyed!!
he had a big bro..idris..
i rarely play with him as he went to school
but, he was kind to0

there is one memory that i'll never forget!!
everytime i see hanger..
i'll remember ADAM
the story was while i was playing in his grandma house.
and his grandma was folding the cloth
i suddenly broke the hanger..
and his grandma was angry(i'm not sure whethr his grandma was angry at me or what,,but i assumed that she was angry with me)..*i'm so scared that moment.
then, rush to my g.grandma home
and my g.grandma was curious because i went home early..
and she became curious when i didnt play with ADAM about a week..
but, i kept the secret safe..
*kalo x, confirm kene marah jugak!!

then, suddenly after days, Adam came and called my my name
hahha..he missed me..=P
he convinced me that his grandma was not angry any more..
but i still afraid..
*masuk umah nenek dia, baik aje taw..xusik ape2 dah. Siap ikut je mane dia pegi..GILER TAKUT okeyh!!!

He also came and visit me during my g.granpa funeral
with Alan na Haqq if i not mistaken...
so kind and worried!!
but, at the end of standard 2, he moved somewhere is Selangor..
and he didnt tell me *sad ok*
from that moment now on, i never see him anymore

he was my FIRST best friend!!
i just MISS him

broken hanger...


Dear Adam..

*everytime i pass by my g.grandma house, i feel sad..i miss every moment that we created. I miss the house, the environment, i miss him and i miss everything!!!

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