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Thursday, 10 February 2011

As If the Road is Smooth!!

doctor, soldier, police, teacher,
these are common jobs that kids will say when their teachers ask them..
and if u are in standard 4 ++
u will give extra stunning jobs like architect, engineer, businessman etc..
even until u r in secondary school,all the legendary jobs still on your mind..
and i feel sorry for them.
i'm here to talk based from experiences
i see many success n triumph along the way
i feel it to0..

i'm here not to point hand to anybody,but i think parents should alarm with this case..
because, if we dont help them,their life can be ruined!!

in this world, we are grant with many jobs, not only the legendary one,
but far than that.
Why i say that, their life ruin?
ok, subjectively it happen because
once they get their SPM results,
then their journey is SET.
they cant do things that they like...
they need to follow things that have been set.
Even some say, there are many private institutions,
but, only $$ decide whether u r in or not..

When I said RUIN
it's not happen SUDDENLY
it slowly killing inside. This is because, when u do things that people had set thing up,
u need to follow them even u have doubt, then u cant enjoy every MOMENT

In Malaysia, from my observations..
our LIFE is being CONTROLLED
when u r 7 years old = u MUST enter primary school, take UPSR
and if ur result is flying colors, maybe u get offer from Boarding School
if not, daily school..
when u r 13 years old = Secondary school. Where u need to take PMR, then SPM..SPM is 'EVERYTHING' here in malaysia. With it u cant go nowhere.
when u get SPM result, then u enter college, university or matrix
in the age of 20 or 21,
if u dont get Diploma, STPM or continue degree,
the world will TALK about u
then, 24 or 25 finish study and WORK..
see, i'm not being rigid because, most students in Malaysia
study because it is FIXED even they hate it, they MUST do it..

That is why now,
we can see the increment no of jobless graduates.
Its not that the JOB ain't there
but, graduates cant see things that they like
because, once, they just follow the lying road
As If the Road is Smooth!!

* if you only know, where "THEY" send their kids, then u will REALISE!!!
* if only the SYSTEM is CHANGED!!!! i see JAPAN frequently change the educational system, to suit the market..
MALAYSIA?? ermmm

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