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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Bundles of Thought . . .

When I was in Kedah,
I had the opportunities to mingle with my friends
One of them was, we had opportunity to do sport together
Like netball.. =)
It was our last sem there in Kedah,
So, we took the opportunity to mingle and enjoy every moment there

I do make friends with most of everyone..
During this moments, all my level mates were away for something..
if i not mistaken, they were outing to find so stuff or whatsoever
so, i went out with my classmates..
and other DBS fellow
At first, our presence just for fun..
then, the organizer called up, and we registered for netball..
Consists of Tasneem, Me, Salha, Wawa etc..
it was fun then..
there was part of my good old days!!!

here we were..
sitting on bench, and chill!!
Spot Tasneem, Spot Atie, Spot Salha, Spot Amir

Tasneem on position..
She was a Center

Waw was a W. Attack

What was that?

The game still on!

Sport is a preserver of health. ~Hippocrates

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