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Thursday, 16 December 2010


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

it will end soon..
so s0on..
HOLIDAY i mean...
but, i'll never stop me to create
splendid moments with my best

sem break = pleasuring moment
as we break up with those books,
away from what so called classes
and moment to say
"hye u, I'm free. Lets hang out"

yesterday, my friends and I
mingled aorund KL
from TAR street,
finding all the wishlist
and of coz,
i have none..

before that,
let me introduce my best
syuhada and aina...
we've known each other since kindergarten(aina)
and primary school(syuhada)
but, during primary, aina had been my good friend
until now..
is not that syuhada and i were enemies before
but, time was never given any chance
and now, both i love!

as time passed by,
we've known each other so well
and i'm falling in love with my girls
they can be called as BEAUTY WITH BRAIN
and i have proof to prove it
but, P&C must i respect!!!

aina , izzati , syuhada

syuhada , izzati , aina

and i NEVER DOUBT that

p/s :: I LOVE YOU..yes YOU!!

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