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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Deeply in Love -chptr 1

17th December 2010

My first time.
Taking train from Rawang to Ipoh
With tradition old coach
but it was AWESOME
and it not as tired and long destination indeed
i did enjoy my ride
actually, najjia and I should be on a same train
but due to some reasons
she took bus
she departed first
but i arrived first

On my way
to be one of the witness
for someone big day
i passed so many places
even places i never knew
i passed Serendah(of coz i know)
Rasa, Kampar, Sungkai..
but then i passed
Kota Baharu
-wait a minute!! am i heading to Kelantan..gosh!!-
then LAhad
- najjia even asked me " hye, u are heading to Sabah-
you see..
its in Perak and i dont know
-maybe i should take geography test-

the top one is ETS-1 1/2 hour to Ipoh-
but mine are middle and bottom-PERFECT OLDIES-

nice, soothed view

just like IPOH

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