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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Deeply in Love -chptr 4

18th December 2010
1 am

Yeah, the real show now
burning those night oils
After the solemnization,
we were straight to Heritage at about 12am
so much things need to be done there
the deco for reception event
still mininum less then 30% progressed

So, all these iron ladies and iron man
we stayed awake until morning
it was my first time since a year ago
where i stay up all night
at about 7.30 just laid down..

Our room,
was like garden
where there were many flowers
which i couldn't name it
coz, i dunno the exact name..
besides, there were unexpected size of cinnamon too
so, the room smells good
flower+cinnamon = GREAT

this part was done by najjia and ili
*spot on the was cinnamon readers..
kevin found in somwhere in penang..

all the fresh flowers..
basically, green, yellow, and white in colors

this was my part
combining the cinnamon+flowers+pingpong
where it needed to hang in on the curtain

this was the result of my work..
*spotted whats on the curtain..

najjia was playing around the flowers, cinnamon etc..

eyes bags then*sigh

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