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Bob Moawad~

Friday, 21 January 2011

When they defined it wrong

You must have heard the phrase
About respecting an older person??
And it sounds so divine and spectacular.
But, I do have an objection toward this phrase
Mind if I talk (based from my experiences)
Actually, it is not ONLY an older person should be respected
All the human being must respect each other.
Respect is not a sense of belonging. It never stated that it only belong to the older
It’s something that people can possess.
I don’t understand why an adult don’t wanna respect youngster?
Maybe they thought they’ll lose their dignity. (What a brainless thought do they have?)
Oh dear elderly, please and please.. I’m begging you
Respect others (in term of all the human being)..
Even if they are younger than you..
Please..Do show your respect..
It’s not the dignity you’ll lose
But pride is in return!!

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