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Saturday, 15 January 2011


This sem I take cross culture

As my learning process goes on,

I do understand why people act, behave etc.

Its fantastic to learn various culture

I’ve learned about Hofstede’s theory n Trompenaar’s theory

But, if you check the theories, it’s hard to explain people behavior..

Especially When they did classified based on countries..

For me, people behavior n how they act and do

Is based from the situation,

Experiences, time, age and etc.

As for me, its hard for me to classified which group I am..

Am I collectivist or individualist coz I do myself in both

Whether I am specific o defuse cos I still find both in me

But, this two men did give us the ideas..

We learned and try to understand people behavior base from it…

Maybe people might questioned bout it..

And it’s just a PROCESS

People questioned about it, then research will be done..

Other theory will RISE..

Then, it will be in syllabusss


Its just part of learning..

masyaallah.. Beautiful sunset

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