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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

turnkey project needed!!

Elevated Road In Zhuzhou Hunan Collapses,
Crushing Many [chinaSMACK] "Xinhua News:

Around 5 o’clock on the 17th,
an elevated road on Hongqi Road of Zhuzhou City in Hunan province collapsed,
and at present the number of casualties is unknown (four casualties confirmed).
Here are some pictures that were posed on various BBS forums incuding Sina, NetEase, and Mop."

turnkey project

a development in which a developer completes the entire project on behalf of a buyer; the developer turns over the keys to the buyer at completion.

Example: Many government-owned public housing projects are turnkey projects. A private developer undertakes all activities necessary to producing the project, including land purchases, permits , plans, and construction, and sells the project to the housing authority.

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