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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Little Miss - - - -

I got the message from Mr. Airbus

The story goes like this~~

One fine Saturday afterno0n, little miss curious and little miss chatterbox were on their way to the country call Cheerfulland.

While waiting for the departure, both of these gorgeous ladies were chatting. Having the right combination of partner in chatting, the conversation was versatile.
Chatterbox + Curious = gossip girls.. XOXO

Both of these ladies are very go0d friends until this moment

Miss Chatterbox talked more than a lot…
She talked all the way in the Vibrant Airport. She became more aggressive when Miss Curious showed her interested.

They talked about the event happened in HappyToLendYou Bank,
EatALot Restaurant, HatYourHead Shop any many more
You couldn’t get a word in edgeways,
O Sideways
O anyways.

While chatting, Little Miss Supercilious walked in front of them
She had been guarding by to men name
Mr Trouble 1 and Mr Trouble 2
Coz of the enthusiasm owned by Miss Chatterbox,
She called of for Miss Supercilious
Sadly, she just being deaf
And went away

Coz of the anger towards the attitude,
Little Miss Chatterbox said
How dare she can be that arrogant?
Who she thinks she was ha??

Eerr… Arrogant, haughty n blablabla…
While Little Miss Curious
“what happened to that fellow??
She bring no worth to us
If I’ve been given a second chance,
I don’t think I can be friend to her
Like 10years before!!”

And now it’s
Time for them to depart…
At the entrance,
They saw Miss Supercilious blushed
And then they heard one of the officer said
‘Today is 24th Dec. Not 22nd Dec. I’m sorry, you just miss the flight. And now, I’ve a lot of work to do.
From the entrance to depart until the luggage reclaim centre
They all laugh and giggles themselves

- Poor Miss Supercilious-

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