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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Fantastic Four :: Universal Studio Tour

Hi there
this entry might be longer
*lines of photo*

Let me begin my story..

After mingled around the Sentosa Island,
Experiencing the luge and skyride,
took photos,
We then decided to move on to our next stop
as it was the main point why we were in the Lion city
it was 11am, and there were crowds
Luckily, we bought the ticket online
*big thanks to Mimi's sister

Ok, Universal studio will cost u SGD66
if i want to convert in ringgit, there might be different in amount each time
as it will be based the FOREX
*try to apply what i'd learned. Great though* ^-^
It opens 10am daily but the closing time is different
especially during weekends, public holidays etc..

Let this entry be lil bit different
i'll accompany my story with photos as i put lines of it..

And the above photo::
Mimi and Syuhada seems so excited
We took train to universal Studio
it is Sentosa Express
The train is small as there only two coach provided
but, they have many ..justify them in, yellow, blue..etc

Just when we were there,
we bought beverages
Btw, Singapore have MANY 7-ELEVEN store
i tell u no lie
sometime, in each road, there are 2 even 3 stores
begin, middle end end..
be no worries if u missed one
*like what we did*

ok, after that, we got inside
first thing first,
have the map
or u will lost =)
USS consists 6 different themes
NYC, Hollywood, Far far Land..etc
DOnt Try to MISS even ONE!!!

In front of the store
mimi, aina, syuhada, izzati

We began the journey with Hollywood first
It was great view
As if your were trapping in 70's
With classic cars, buildings
So capturing heart, soothed the eyes..
We met Betty Boops
She was the only icon went out that moment
No Marilyn Monroe..sobs*

She joined us

Beautiful Hat Maiden..
Aint no Mad Hatter

In front of the Council..
spectacular isn't it??

Our district, our road
mind you!!

one of beautiful door
there have many beautiful and classic doors
so we got DOOR moments!!

Actually, after NYC and hollywood,
we walked to Sci Fi City
many great games there
but, moment that i couldnt forget was riding on
actually, there are two..Human and Cyclone
Human is like rollercoaster
but the Cylon is like a swing...
It so fast..
it turned us upside down
All of your adrenaline will naturally be exaggerated each second!!!

Then, we traveled to Ancient Egyptian City
It so real where all the statues built similar in the
most of the mummy movie
We gave a shot on mummy rollercoaster
and it was great..
traveled in the darkness
accompany by the evil Imhotep
You will feel the darkness and the evilness along the ride

Mimi said that this Brandon Fraser is her..

o0o0o0o...guarding us

as i walked thru 100B.C
meeting with Pharaohs

Exhausted faces
Yes, with sunny smiling sun,
It was a HOT day

eyes on the blue and red lane at the back
that was the battlestar galactica i told u at first
i rode on the blue lane
give a shot guys!!

Far Far Land
ok, let meet up with sherk
jump upsidedown


how dare he forgot to put our visit in his diary!!
Royal Gather the usher said!!
What a Shrek!!

nice one!!
they entertained beautifully

Oh, ALEX!!!

she was waiting for her Mr Right
but he aint there
he's somewhere.. =D

Until Dark we stayed!!!

Some places speak distinctly.
Certain dank gardens cry aloud for a murder;
certain old houses demand to be haunted;
certain coasts are set apart for shipwrecks.
~Robert Louis Stevenson

to be continued~

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