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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Fantastic Four :: Sentosa Island On the Go

hi there...
after had enough sleep
it was NEW DAY..
as early as 9am, we were ready to rock..
ready to be exhausted
ready to walk distances again!!!

and o0opps..
before that, we took breakfast
in mimi's room..
The Hive is provided breakfast
but, we preferred to eat in the room
how we were dare to eat maggie especially
spicy Ruski n Tomyam in AM...
hope the stomach rhyme OK
*glad they were not!!*

it was busy friday on the road,
as many Singaporean rushed to their work places
and, i admired their Fire and Rescue Truck!!
after that, we walked along the street
actually, we didn't know the exact place of MRT
but we know it at Boon Keng Rd

Less than 5minutes of waiting
We were off to Harbour Front St
But, that day, the MRT faced with some technical problem
At every station, it stopped longer that usually
and yes, at the Harbour Front which the last station for the purple line MRT
All the passengers leaved the train
The train to Sentosa located in Vivo City
USS is located in the Sentosa island...

Still early, not many people we saw on the train
then, we went to Imbiah Stop..
we tried the luge and sky ride
Experiencing the skyride was not a waste
i never feel bored towards it
(and still dragon path seems to be my fav)
After taking photos
our heart jumped with joy
as we were now heading to USS
*main point to be here*

Boon Keng MRT Station

They swift

Happy looking faces

great+cozy moments..

cozy+sunny sun

Song of the Sea
as our heart felt the same rhymes

queuing to the luge ride

Yeay baby..
Ride it on...
Feel the beat!!!

Your friends are very precious things;
Their love is like the rarest gem.
But friends are hard to find and keep
Unless you are a friend to them.
Ann Cragg

*to be continued

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