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Thursday, 26 February 2009

pearl of wisdom~~

The strangest question I have ever been asked is: why are you Muslim?

I find that question strange because I have never thought of a reason.

My 'Muslimness' comes naturally to me; no other alternative has ever crossed my mind.

I am Muslim because the only logical explanation of all the wonder in the universe and in ourselves is that a Creator exists.

Every breath I take is a mercy from that Creator.

To deny God, I would be denying myself and my life.

Indeed, I see God's miracles everywhere, I cannot but love, worship and obey Him.

Through God's commands, revealed in the Qur'an and the examples of the Prophet
Muhammad, I know exactly how to live my life.

I am free to choose between peace and happiness by becoming a part of God's greater design, and the nightmare of rejecting my Creator's guidance.

I am Muslim because I choose to be logical and far-sighted.

I see the ligic of Islam and am far-sighted enough to plan for the eternity that God has offered.

- Marwa El-Naggar, An Egyptian Woman in her 20s.
From 'The no-nonsense guide to Islam'

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