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Monday, 7 November 2011

aidiladha version 1

hi people
i wanna wish all the muslim
Selamat hari raya aidiladha

When talking about aidiladha or qurban
We usually think about cows, buffaloes, sheeps etc
It is a great experience and i treasure it each year
never miss!!

This year, as per usual
i'll be in my kampung
the place that i believe bring so much fun
Sg Choh, its in my heart
no place like other
The activity was held in my uncle
And i had fun
with my siblings, cousins

Aidiladha eve
When you grow up, there are so much things that you refuse to miss or let it go
because you know time cant be rolled back

my bro and cousin
they are SPM candidates
my prayers always with you

the day
a good day
with a beautiful clouds
cherish with laughter
all praise to Allah

because it is in our heart
We are superwomen!

Sun enlighten
smile still can be shared
laugh still can be heard
boys still have the heart!

we need to ensure it is in right position
we need to treat it right
my grandpa lead!

agar ia diterima oleh Nya

my grandmas'
chatting about "hye i dont know what"
take as much photos because
who know one day you will need it!!

SPM is only 10days from now
But i was blessed to have candidates
who not only 24/7 with books
i believe outside learning is far more important
they learned about Buffalo body structure
and they know how to be socialized !!!

And they enjoyed the day
Some bleed so smile
but along that
they enjoyed!!

When you look at your life,
the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.
~Joyce Brothers

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