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Saturday, 16 April 2011

here in my home

i'm home now..
after two weeks mingled around shah alam
with tonnes of works.
well, my exam is just round the corner
where my 1st paper is on 27th - International Banking and Investment
and my last is on 10th - Introduction of Fiqh Muamalat

ok people, that enough for my finest introduction
but, i'm more interested in telling you story
well, how much of your childhood memories u remembered?
well, i do remember most of my childhood memories
where i found out that i was so great
all are spices of life..
long time ago..when i was a kid..
i did travel alot..and of coz accompanied by parents.
i loved being a kid.
but, i need to live in a real world. and over time, i'll have a kids..
and i wish i can give them as much as knowledge
i mean knowledge about life
(*so excited to have and rise up kids)

during my birthday..
it was in my grandma's wooden house..

one thing, when i was a kid,
i kept thinking about one of the beautiful and big mosque
i dont know why..
its like there is impressive beauty
and i always ask myself..
where was the mosque located?

here is the mosque..
even until now, i have one feeling
where its hard to explain..
its like my heartbeat betting fast, as if my blood running not like a normal flow
is just like...arghh~ really can't explain..

but now
now, i even can see it most of my everyday
and i feel blessed
* i mean not imposibble as my University in near by..
and of coz, now i know the mosque is here..


*i love you*

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