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Thursday, 11 March 2010

middle east

hey bloggers..
i have nothing to say until last nyte my friend asked me to write about him..(view his fotpges in my list.."acik fotopge" hahaha..alan, alan..

so, i surfed his fotpges..
mostly in Mesir..

sincerely, i'm so jealous..
not becuase he is in Mesir..
but the opportunity he gets to learn until the deepest knowledge about Islam..

i keep wondering what if someday i've been sent to the unknown places..
can i suit myself??

y middle east??
most of the great story in islam came from middle east..
saudi arabia, Egypt, Turkey etc..
i love to learn n hear story about islam..
which, it's helping me to help myself..

besides, islam itself have a vrious way of life..
or wat so called Rukshah..
the Rukshah make islam is the best way of life..
islam is not a religion dat never understand the followers...
islam is beautiful..

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