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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Enchanted Fairy-tale

Having a title as late adolescence, people more addicted to read love story which content more than 500 pages,
and something for real... It must be ENGLISH materials.
Okay, specifically, I don’t really matter weather it is English, Malay, etc.
But, I cant accept when people say..
“Can u read a book that suitable which your age?” or “Why u love to read malay novel hah?”
Yes, I won’t deny that most friends of mine love to read English novel which represent difficult words…
So, here is the matter…
-they do not noe the meaning+ they r so lazy to open up a dictionary (for them, dictionary only for KIDS!!!huh) = they r so proud that they read English novel..*&$#%!

I do possess my own hobby on reading English material.
I love to read books written by Enid Blyton and JK Rowling
Yes, their stories are bout fairy tales…
Enid blyton love to write about
Fairy land, Pixie, Gnome, Leprechaun, Goblin, elf etc…
The stories were superb…
Ryte now, I really addicted to read those stories by EB
As for JK Rowling
Of coz, I really mad towards the harry potter…
Hogwarts, Diegon Alley, Gryffindor, Dumbledore, Private Drive, ministry of magic etc
It awesome…

Honestly, I’m not kind of person who love to read hundreds pages of love story especially in English
I’m more addicted to read English materials about dinosaurs, insects, football,
And also fairy tales

Happily live ever after

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